Oni: Light Control / make your lights match the colors of your mood

Setup your Moods / the colorful representation of your digital self

  • Colorize it:
  • Create customized moods by adjusting the hue of each connected bulb for the rooms in your home.

  • Make it your own:
  • You can also use picture from your library as a color source.

Use your phone's built-in Voice Commands / walk into your living room, play some nice music, and say "set lights to dusk"

  • Light control has excellent native voice command support. Activate your phone voice command feature and tell your lights what to set the mood to.
  • Examples Commands

    • "Set lights in the bedroom to Dawn."
    • "Set lights to Purple Rain."
    • "Set lights off"
    • "Set lights back to normal."

NFC Tag Support / place your phone near one of your wall paintings and watch the lights fade to the colors of your artwork

And you'll need is the right set of bulbs / such as the Philips Hue Connected Bulbs

Philips Hue Connected Bulbs
  • Of course, regular bulbs won't work with the app (believe me, we tried), so you'll have to purchase supported hardware.

  • Supported Hardware