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Why is the NFC button grayed out when I know my phone has NFC?

if your phone has NFC capabilities, the Write NFC button will become active when your phone is place near a compatible NFC sticker. If you receive a prompt to "Receive Content" from the NFC sticker before it's active, simply press "ignore" then tap the Write NFC button to rewrite the sticker.

Does Light Control work with Windows Phone 7.8?

Light Control only has support for Windows Phone 8 currently.

What features are missing in the Trial version?

Everything except voice commands are functional in the Trial Version

How do I configure my router so that I may control my lights away from home?

You'll need to open a port on your router pointed to your hub and configure app to your public IP Address or Hostname:

  1. Discover the Internal IP Address of your connected bulb's hub by first connecting your phone via WiFi and using the app's Auto Discovery feature. When connected, not the IP Adresss provided.
  2. Open a port on your router. Refer to your router's owner manual for information on opening ports. You'll essentially need to bind the hub's Internal IP Address to port 80, but it's recommended to use a random number as your external port.
  3. Reconfigure the app with your Public IP Address and the port number you chose above, formatted as IPADDRESS:PORT for example: You can also use a custom hostname with a domain name you own (check with your registrar) or with using services like DynDns for something easy to remember. In any case, you'll need to add the port number at the end.
My lights are not responding to the application.

If you've used the auto discovery feature or manually entered an internal IP Address, verify that your phone is connected to your home's wifi network. If you've successfully configured the hub for external access away from home, verified that your phone's internet access has no issues, describe your problem on our Contact Page and we'll try to help.

I'm getting an error when I attempt to configure the hub or apply mood colors.

Please describe your issue on the Contact Page and we can help you resolve it.